The Gift of Time: #dailywritingchallenge

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A very short offering this morning reflecting on the frequent risk of falling into time-poor mode. I believe it happens to us all and I know for sure it happens to me on a regular basis. That sinking, spinning, fizzing feeling when the work of the day seems more that the day can give. And my body feels like a sherbet fountain with a marshmallow for a brain. My words are all edgy, snappy and short.  When the balance of home schooling, working full time and the messy house,  just seems like an impossible mountain. I dug out this poem I wrote for a series of NPQ coaching sessions last year when we were exploring time in relation to neurobiology and teacher workload. It’s nothing fancy but is very grounding when I need that accountability to remember that time is all about possibility. Reminds me also that time is a currency and it has always been up to me to decide how I spend it, ask for support and the opportunity to collaborate. How sharing my time and to-do list is can give someone else a powerful boost and focus for the way they spend their time. Only I can choose how to take the energy time has and spend it wisely for the brief, yet wonderful chunk I’ve got. Sometimes I  rock it and other times I find it much harder to get out out of the scarcity-fizz. Knowing there will be the fizz satisfies me that the buzz can only be one thought away.

Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe, stay well and please stay in touch.


Behind the busy-busy, to-do list and pressure

Lies the time I am chasing, like a map hides it’s treasure.

It’s there for the taking, it’s never been far

And it’s not about DOING or raising the bar.

In this brand new day, here’s the ultimate gift

It’s free and within me, just needs a mind-shift

I’ll breathe in and out slowly, remembering to hold

This is my frankinsense, myrrh and my gold.

It takes but a moment to replenish reserves

A commitment to what my body deserves

See, time is the paper behind my blue ink

The quiet inside, when I don’t bother to think.

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Felicity King

Hello I’m Felicity, Mum, teacher and passionate about the potential in our workforce and that everyone knows they matter. This blog is just for fun and a chance to share some of the ups and downs along the trodden path. If you would like to get in touch about innate resilience and wellbeing coaching for yourself or your organisation, please find me at Stay safe, stay well and please stay in touch.

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